Weave Economics



AfroDisiac London's founder spoke to 20 Something Podcast about the economics of the hair extensions industry. 

Joined by Naomi Simon, Peter Adefioye and Ruth Mukete we cover thought provoking questions such as:

  • Why do we as a black community have so little control over the hair extensions industry?
  • Why do black women spend the most on beauty products and yet despite that are one of the least represented?
  • Is natural hair better than weave and vice versa?

 'Black women are estimated to have spent half a trillion dollars on hair care in 2012. That’s more than some countries GDP, including Greece. When I learnt this I was in disbelief considering that there is also much poverty within some African-Caribbean communities. This lead me to my next thought… Where the hell is all this money going and could this revenue be used to strengthen economic power?'

Join the discussion. What are your thoughts?


Read Here at 20 Something Podcast

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