How many bundles will I need?

This completely depends on the look that you want to achieve. For a big, bouncy bouffant we suggest anywhere in the region of four or more bundles. If you desire a more natural look opt for three bundles.

How long does the hair last?

Provided that the wearer takes good care of the hair it should last more than 12 months. We recommend co-washing the hair and detangling when damp with a wide tooth comb. Sleep in a satin bonnet and keep a spray bottle with distilled water and conditioner handy to keep those curls poppin'!

Can I bleach or colour the hair?

Our hair has maximum durability so yes you can absolutely process it without the damage you would experience with cheap hair. If you wish to alter the colour of the wefts treat it with the love and care that you would do with your own hair. We recommend using a low volume developer to gently lift the colour of the hair. Feel free to tag us on social media so we can see your creations. Use the hashtag #AfroDisiacLondon

How much do your bundles weigh?

Each bundle is 100g of gorgeous kinks and curls

Do you offer custom orders?

At this moment in time we do not cater to custom orders but stay tuned on our social media pages for any updates.

Can I straighten the hair?

The hair can be straightened but please be aware that our kinky and curly hair can experience heat damage as with any quality hair that has been steamed to create its lovely texture. Deep condition the hair and use a heat protectant if you wish to straighten your bundles.

Do you ship internationally?

At this moment in time we only ship to UK and USA residents but stay tuned on our social media pages for any updates.


Any queries that haven't been answered? Feel free to contact us!